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The FlooW is delivered as a standard model and you can supplement your purchase with various accessories including a spare lithium ion battery that enables you to travel further, an automatic CTV gear hub, a hood, customized colours and overprint, etc. Check out the list of accessories so you can personalise your FlooW.

Lock                                      type         4
Lock                                      type        5
Automatic gearshift
Extra Battery Pack 10Ah
Extra charger
Carrier bags
Various trailers, including child carrier

All amount excl. 21% VAT
Excl. delivery costs


We can supply FlooWs via a financial or full operational lease. These include all service and maintenance requirements and also all risk insurance. Individual buyers can also avail of a lease construction. An all-in, three-year contract for the FlooW costs approx. €130 (excl. VAT) per month. How much do you think you can save on petrol costs for your car if you use the FlooW as an alternative? In addition to being able to choose the lease construction that best suits your firm, there are also several ways in which an employer can include any costs related to acquiring the Floow for an employee in the employee's wage structure. This kind of work needs to be tailor-made to fit each individual company's requirements so please contact us so we can provide you with further information.

After three years, you return the FlooW to us so that we can pass it on to the next user. There is an obligatory track & trace system attached to the lease, which can be very useful to record how the Floow is used or in case of theft.


You can hire the FlooW from various franchisers/rental companies for a day (or a part thereof) so that you can experience for yourself the fabulous feeling that riding the FlooW gives - the FlooW-feel – without any obligation to purchase. Prices vary according to location and package offers. The guideline price for a half-day is €36.00. There are a number of rental locations, each with their own recreational programmes. (See www.floowexperience.nl ) Both permanent and specially designed routes will take you along terrific scenic vistas, with or without a guide, where you can enjoy all the delights the area has to offer.
That you can do this on a noise-free FlooW that takes you around with the greatest of ease, returns you safely and leaves you simply wanting to enjoy the FlooW experience again elsewhere, makes it all the more attractive. It’s time for adventure!