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Personalise set-up and design

There are a number of standard features you can choose from:

- Distance between seat and pedals (leg room)
- Angle of back support
- Various settings for electric motor drive
- Individual springs for each wheel, fitted according to weight and firm or supple

Depending on your own wishes you can choose:

- Overprint of company logo and/or text
- Colour of plastic parts and/or frame
- Various accessories for personalising your FlooW
- Co-creation for company-specific usage


Both the fabulous FlooW rackbag (optional) and/or a sturdy rucksack are excellent for transporting your baggage in a practical and comfortable manner. There is also a tarpaulin available for use behind the back support that can be overprinted with your company logo or motto. 


Up to three or four FlooWs can be parked in a standard car parking space. The handiest place is in your own garage or storage space. The FlooW passes easily through any standard-sized doorway.


The FlooW is comprised of electronic and mechanical parts of proven high quality. The drive shaft is reliable and is securely fitted to the frame. The suspension can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual user, ranging from supple to firm. The disc brakes (front) are powerful enough to allow you to use the FlooW in normal traffic.
The FlooW is fitted with a powerful headlight and a rear light. Both are driven by the battery.

The tyres are ‘puncture proof’, meaning that a small puncture will not necessarily lead to a flat tyre. The FlooW displays unique characteristics in the turn, in which the outward force is compensated for by the dynamic of the wheel set-up. Try it out yourself!

In addition to the reflectors on the mudguards, the FlooW is fitted as standard with a reflecting logo on both sides and on the nose of the FlooW. This ensures good visibility in the dark.



Regular and proper maintenance prevents unnecessary damage to your FlooW. When you take possession of the FlooW you will be given a comprehensive instruction manual containing information on how to carry out essential maintenance. You can also sign up for regular servicing. Ask your dealer for details.