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Motor: 250 Watt
Climbing angle: 25%-30%
Torque: 50 Nm. nominal (60 Nm. max)
Gear system: CVT (continue variable transmission within gear range)
Starting system: Press the button and the FlooW will reach a speed of 6 km/h without any pedalling
Steering system: four-wheel drive
Drive: on both rear wheels with differential
Front brakes: 2 disc brakes
Rear brakes: 2 disc brakes (optional)
Speed: up to 25 km/h using motor
Range: 50 - 90 km (depending on choice of battery pack and % pedal assist)
Instrument: speed – distance travelled and total – battery level – support mode – lights on / off
Wishbone and mudguards: Black plastic, high gloss
Frame: Steel, dark grey (hard-wearing, scratch-free finish)
Aluminium suspension and rear axle: with hard-wearing, scratch-free finish
Lights: front: halogen (white) / rear: LED (red)
Reflectors: On all 4 mudguards and both sides as logo
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 180 x 80 x 115 cm (with hood H=155 cm)
Wheels: pneumatic tyre: rear 16" / front 20"
Load: ca. 120 kg
Sitting height: 50 cm
Weight: ca. 65 kg (incl. batteries)
Battery: 36 V, 10 Ah to 20 Ah (depending on choice of battery pack)
Charging time: 3 - 8 hours
Charger input: 240 V


You’re sitting comfortably, the suspension is good, the powerful engine takes you along noise-freely, and you have direct control over the four-wheel drive and the pedal-free gearshift. Riding the FlooW is an intuitive thing. It is more than just a bicycle on four wheels, it is The FlooW!!

You can try out the FlooW at Fieldwork in Eindhoven (www.floowexperience.nl) and e-CarConnect in Thorn (www.e-carconnect.com) and other dealers.


There is no need for you to arrive soaking wet at your destination if you are a regular user of the FlooW. Thanks to the electric motor you will always have the wind at your back.
Any headwind can be greatly reduced by using the hood. The hood is one of the many accessories available for the FlooW. It consists of a frame with a windscreen, which makes the bike even more aerodynamic. The partly translucent hood frame can be mounted on the bicycle frame. The hood will be on sale from March 2012.


In legal terms, the FlooW is a bicycle and belongs to the European ‘pedelec’ category (pedal & electrical). The FlooW is allowed on bicycle lanes where overtaking can be done easily. Users of the FlooW must adhere, of course, to the normal regulations for bicycles. Be alert and ride in a manner that does not cause any hindrance to others.

The width of the FlooW (80 cm) allows you to make safe use of public roads, but it is advisable to use the bicycle lanes wherever possible. The electric motor stops driving the pedalling mechanism above a speed of 25 km/h, as legally required. By exerting yourself a little more you can reach speeds above 25 km/h. The ergonomics of the bike (back support) allow you to exert more pressure on the pedals than is possible on a normal bike. Try it out yourself!


You can record the number of kilometres you have travelled using our track and trace system. We will fit this for you or your employer, if desired. It makes it easy for you to keep a financial record of your use of the FlooW.

Our track and trace system can also keep a permanent, up-to-date record for you if you wish. The system is completely automatic and can keep a constant record of your use of the FlooW. Even if someone happens to use it without your permission! The system can also be added to with an app and a programme that shows the calories and fat you have burned.... (burn fat not fuel)


Our use of the CVT (continue variable transmission) hub is what makes the FlooW a hand-driven automatic. Unlike the classic 7-gear hub that delivers 244% gear-shifting power, the CVT enables gear-shifting without having to pedal. This results in more efficient use of the motor. The combination of electric motor and this kind of gear hub instantly delivers far greater torque!
The starting system can also be used to achieve a speed of 6 km/h (without any pedalling). This can be very useful when setting off from an uphill position.

The system is also noise-free and you can change gears at will while pedalling. The standard CVT hub does not require any maintenance. A fully automatic CVT is available as an accessory and can be used to adjust the rpm of the pedalling mechanism to a constant level.