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I am the FlooW!

The FlooW is a four-wheel bicycle with an electric pedalling mechanism that offers you all the ease and comfort of a car with the environment-friendliness of a bicycle. Whether you want to go for a long ride in a relaxed, easy-going fashion or to push yourself to reach speeds of over 25 km/h, the FlooW is the bike for you.
Experience the pleasure of riding this exceptional bicycle and discover the FlooW-feel for yourself! People of all ages who have taken the time to try it out have been incredibly enthusiastic about this four-wheeler!
The FlooW is available in a standard model or with a hood that makes it ideally suited to all kinds of weather.

It goes without saying that riding the FlooW is good for your health, produces no CO2 emissions and, when used as an alternative on longer trips (e.g. 25 km) for work-related travel instead of a car, is also very inexpensive. The most important point, however, is that it is simply great fun riding a FlooW!


Experience YOUR OWN FlooW!

You’re sitting comfortably, the suspension is good, the powerful engine takes you along noiselessly. Riding the FlooW is an intuitive thing. Taking corners works like a dream. The four wheels keep you really stable! It’s more than just a 4-wheel bike, it’s The FlooW!! You can travel many kilometres with ease and experience the fun factor involved, while all the time enjoying the view, the landscape and the nature all around you. The riding itself does not demand too much attention, while you have the time to enjoy the ride at easily-achieved speeds over long distances.

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Burn fat not fuel!

We hardly need to explain why staying healthy is so important. In addition to a balanced diet, regular exercise also plays a crucial role. When you use an e-motor bicycle to get around you get to exercise without sweating excessively and without losing any time.  You would be forgiven for thinking that this kind of exercise is of very little benefit to you. However, many users have discovered that riding the FlooW regularly can help you lose weight without even having to follow a diet! Using an app. and your computer you can follow your progress easily. (Check out the site http://www.ecarconnect.com and Burn Fat Not Fuel on facebook)

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